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Car Insurance in Atlanta, GA, Decatur, Fairburn, Riverdale, GA, and Surrounding Areas

If you are buying a new car, the very next thing to purchase is insurance to protect your vehicle from any kind of accidental or man-made damages. We at R.D. Wood Insurance Associates, Inc believe that the time to insure yourself is now, for your peace of mind, and not when any incident or accident has taken place. We are here to provide all sorts of insurance policies, homeowners insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and even business insurance. Since our inception in 1978, we have slowly grown to become the leading insurance agency in the regions of Atlanta, College Park, GA, Decatur, Fairburn, and Riverdale, GA. Our team of highly knowledgeable and dedicated agents makes sure that you get the coverage you deserve and that meets your needs.

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Below we have mentioned a few common questions you should be asking about car insurance. Take a look.

  • What is the significance of third-party liabilities?

This is basically a type of liability insurance where someone other than the insured (first-party) and the insure (second party) is involved and needs protection due to the damages caused to him by the first party. Many people take this coverage option so that the medical bills or other expenses of this third party do not go out of the insured’s own pocket.

  • How many types of third-party liability policies are there?

Broadly there are 2 types of third-party liability coverage, one is bodily injury liability while the other is property damage liability. The former looks out for any expenses arising from injuries to the person, hospital bills, other medical bills, and the latter deals with the loss of the property like damage to the fences or the landscaping.

So, if you are planning on taking car insurance for your new vehicle, you can talk to our agents at (800) 226-6787.